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Sep 28, 1997 at 06:23
Just learned how to add a guest book to our web page! :) I'll dress it up later, but couldn't wait to try it out.

Sep 28, 1997 at 22:06
I have been reading DF for years..along with my late husband and son. NOw my son and I fight over who is going to read him first, and who gets to keep the book. We also liked the Sid Haley stories on Mystery. Wish they had more. Mac

Sep 30, 1997 at 23:22
I'm impressed!!! I'm a Dick Francis fan, but right now I am leading the Roman History Reading Group and am also a member of another reading group. However, come January I have more time and migth join you. Meanwhile, who helped you design the website? Might be a good idea for my own group. Irene

I've just been learning as I go. I started out using AOL's Personal Publisher, but pretty soon it couldn't do all the things I wanted. So now I just write my own HTML. I'm still very much a beginner, but there are so many people and Web pages out there that offer help.

Kathleen Delahay
Oct 1, 1997 at 01:20
I have all of his books in hardback. I run to the store every year to get his latest book. I am a Francis Addict!!!

Rudy Bacon
Oct 2, 1997 at 16:15
I'm glad to see that you're using the Automatic Return Guestbook. Looks great! By the way, thanks for placing your site on our Home Page List. You are also welcome to place your site on our Billboard Guestbook as well.

Lisa Dunn
Oct 4, 1997 at 21:47
Favorite: All of them!
Dick Francis is my favorite author. When I am reading one of his books I can't bear to put it down.

Sandy Lynch
Oct 5, 1997 at 07:48
Favorite: All of them
Tell him not to stop writing

Oct 5, 1997 at 23:39
Favorite: Straight also Hot Money
In that I like his non-racing books the best, I am in the minority, I am sure. I do find all the books well written. I have read at least 10, have 5 paperbacks, and one hardbound.

Kurt Engfehr
Oct 6, 1997 at 00:01
Dick Francis is the sharpest, most concise writer, mystery or otherwise, going.

Liz L.
Oct 6, 1997 at 19:10
Favorite: About 10 tied for favorite!
The first DF novel I read was Longshot -- when it was first out in hard cover. I loved it, and immediately went out and read everything else of his I could find. Now, I wait anxiously every year for the next one to come out. And,I've gotten many of my friends hooked too.

Oct 8, 1997 at 19:43
Favorite: Kit Fielding and Sid Halley books
reflex was my first df book, followed by twice shy. i have them ALL. does anyone else read his books in one sitting as well as re-read them over and over?

Helen Willard
Oct 9, 1997 at 15:29
Favorites: Proof, To The Hilt
I received 10 Lb. Penalty for my birthday, and plan to read it from cover to cover this weekend. There is nothing better than the prospect of a new Dick Francis book to read. My brother-in-law, who gave me the book, is anxiously waiting for me to read it so he can be next!

Oct 9, 1997 at 15:50
Favorite: BOLT
I love your web page, which I found in the Dick Francis folder in The Book Report, and look forward to exploring it in it's entirety. Dick Francis is a long time favorite author. I will be saddened when I can no longer find a new book on the shelves.

Oct 12, 1997 at 22:32
Favorite: all I have read
doowa did this page

CE Fox
Oct 13, 1997 at 18:09
Favorite: To The Hilt, Straight, Longshot
DF is my hero! I've got about 16 hardback, and several paperbacks that I read and reread and reread and reread and . . . well, you get the picture! :-) Nice website!

Laurie Haldeman-Lambe
Oct 13, 1997 at 18:19
Favorite: Whip Hand, Nerve, Bonecrack, et al.
The first Dick Francis book I ever read was Nerve, I think. I picked it up in a book store in England in 1967. Ever since I've had a standing order with my favorite book store to let me know when the next Dick Francis came in. I KNOW I'll have a great read if it has his name on the cover!

Jennifer Murdock
Oct 13, 1997 at 22:15
This is one of the COOLest web pages that I have seen!!!! Good job!!! I am impressed!

Stephanie Malloy
Oct 17, 1997 at 17:24
Favorite: Most of them
I used to live in England, not far from many of the sites in his novels. The books bring back memories which I really enjoy. It is always a pleasure to read one of his books.

Oct 17, 1997 at 20:41
Favorite: proof
my 1st experience was with a Reader's Digest condensed book (I was sick and stuck at my in-laws house) and have been hooked ever since. my husband knows he has to buy me the latest book for Hanukkah every year.

Kathleen Delahay
Oct 18, 1997 at 12:35
Favorite:High Stakes or Hot Money
I like all of DF's book. Some better than others. I find his writing style warm and entertaining like a cozy old bathrobe that you can slip into anytime without thought or preparation. He has the abilty to pull the reader into the story from the very first page. All of his heroes are indearingly lovable and just a tiny bit flawed so they seem oh so human.

Carol K.
Oct 19, 1997 at 02:40
Favorite: Too Many to Name! - Sid Halley's a favorite character!
I, too, am a DF addict. I have 20+ paperbacks and at least 8 in hardback. I just finished 10 LB Penalty, and was a little disappointed - for the first time ever by my favorite author. However, I've re-read three of his earlier books in the last two days. I'm a hopeless fan.. Always looking for one I haven't read. Love the web page, will return. Thanks!

Oct 19, 1997 at 17:52
Can't say. Loved them all.
I read Nerve way back in high school and have read every one I could get my hands on. When I start to read one of his books, I can't put it down.

Deb C.
Oct 23, 1997 at 20:26
Favorite: Tough to say
Shortly after I "discovered" Dick Francis, I left for a 3-week trip to the U.K. & took a couple of his books along. Because of the long flight & the many train trips we had, I read through them so fast! So, I bought a bunch more there, which was great, but the bad part was I had to carry all those books around with me and I was trying to travel light! Thank you for this wonderful web site!

Nov 2, 1997 at 11:57
Favorite: To the Hilt
How can you choose just one favorite? I love them all and reread them frequently. I'm so happy to find a web site for my favorite author.

Kristi Beale
Nov 3, 1997 at 20:47
Favorite: The Edge
Wow! I'm so excited to find other fans of DF on the net! I was convinced I must be the only one :)...The first book I read was Straight - my dad left it lying around, and I've been hooked ever since!

Laura DeShazer
Nov 10, 1997 at 16:29
Favorite: Nerve
I love them all!

Donna Jacob
Nov 11, 1997 at 13:45
Favorite: all of them
A goal in my lifetime is to meet the man who single- handedly has kept me glued to his books, eagerly awaiting the next. My love for horses and mystery novels is completely satiated in a Francis tale.

Carolyn Beougher
Nov 16, 1997 at 00:03
Favorite: Decider

Nov 17, 1997 at 15:04
Favorite:don't know, yet
Reading all your comments make me anxious to read a Dick Francis novel. My sister has been trying to convince me to read one of his books. One of these days I will and then will be hooked, just like all of you! This is a great web page with constant changes.

L. A. McKinnon
Nov 20, 1997 at 08:54
Favorite: Almost all of them
Enjoy the spare, clean style of writing. Know that there is considerable research done to provide a accurate and true picture of the profession being use in the book. Just an all round great "read".

Laura Carey
Nov 22, 1997 at 23:02
Favorite: BREAK IN
Dear Dick Francis: Thank you for continuing to write incredibly well-done and entertaining books. I love your characters' strength of purpose as well as the fact that they have fears and faults. I have read your many books over and over, and they keep satisfying! I wish you many more years of health and a sound mind. Sincerely, Laura Carey (an Irish-English-American living in Montana, USA)

Nov 23, 1997 at 22:34
Favorite: all I've read and heard by Britton
What started as my second audiobook ever (The Danger) turned into a new mystery habit. Wonderful style, variety of protagonists from various fields... Definitely a pro in well written mysteries.

Rebecca Bailey
Nov 26, 1997 at 22:36
Favorite: ---
I have never heard of Dick Francis, but the web page sure is neat!

Stig Jørgensen
Nov 28, 1997 at 18:50
It's allways the highlight of the year, or whatever, when the new Dick Francis is released here in Denmark. I usualy can't wait for the paperback and therefore spend a lot of money on hardbacks. Well, he is worth it, is Mr. Francis. The good part is that he knows more or less what he writes about and what he doesn't know he doesn't print.

Camilla von Bergen
Dec 1, 1997 at 08:43
Favorite: Bonecrack
Great idea

Jennifer Henry
Dec 11, 1997 at 00:15
No favorites. My parents own every Dick Francis including Sport of Queens. We are pretty much completely hooked and wait expectantly every year for each new book.

ursula forhan
Dec 11, 1997 at 17:05
Favorite: Straight
Actually, can't decide between Straight, Come to Grief and To the Hilt

Svein Tore Aurud
Dec 12, 1997 at 11:05
Cannot say that I have a favourite. Most of Mr Francis' books are of the kind that you cannot put it down before you're finished with it.

Patricia Lyman
Dec 15, 1997 at 01:15
Who could pick just one?
I discovered Dick Frances a year ago and can't get enough. I found this sight while looking for a complete list of his books. I wouldn't want to miss one. Now I can check them off an accurate list. I'm currently reading "Twice Shy" and have a hard time putting it down. I'll visit this site often.

Dec 20, 1997 at 22:51
Favorite: For Kicks
I only have AOL access when at home visiting the folks. Your group looks interesting. But, if I also had access where I lived than my Mother and I would be having a long distance custody battle over the Francis books.

Lisa Bogle
Dec 24, 1997 at 09:31
Favorite: Hard to say, I like them all
Big fan! I'm interested in more information about your group. I don't have AOL access. Is it still possible to participate?

Yes! You don't need AOL access to be a member of the group. Just send me a quick email if you'd like to join! Also we have a list of ways to participate and a discussion board for Internet members here.

Todd Richardson
Dec 26, 1997 at 17:53
Favorite: Dead Cert
I am not a big reader by any means but I am a rider and I'm amazed by the way Dick is able to convey the psychology between horse and rider I've devoured ten of his books in the last few months when I'm not riding. Obsession and addic- tion can be wonderful things when one feels this good. Knowing that someone else can feel the mind connection of the animal and rider let alone be able to put it into words is wonderful. Thanks, Dick You're a true horseman

Raymond Farrish
Dec 26, 1997 at 23:09
Whichever one I happen to be reading
Dick Francis has the gift of being an "easy" read. The words just flow off the page as if you're listening to a friend speak them. A truly masterful wordsmith. He's in a class with the all-time greats such as Rex Stout and Ellery Queen.

JOsh hinds
Dec 27, 1997 at 21:50
Favorite: I like'm all
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Verl Mccleve
Dec 27, 1997 at 23:31
how the west was won
A great book.

Dec 30, 1997 at 09:58
Favorite: The sport of queens, Bonecrack and many other I don't know how to call in English...
At first I like horses and that is why I bought my first DF book. And after reading it I became a fan. Since then I read all his books I can find, not only because of the horses. I like all DF's heros. But the main hero is Dick Francis himself. I love his mind and his words! He is the one author I love to read. When I was reading his books I didn't even know the year of his birth, I thought it was in 18-th or 19-th century. But when I found this web page and knew that DICK FRANCIS is still alive and lives in the same century as me, I was happy. And I am very proud of this!!!

Magdalena M. Szezynska

Dec 31, 1997 at 16:38
Favorite: THE EDGE
I love all DF books that I managed to buy in Poland (15 paperbacks till now, published by Fawcett Books and Pan Books). I am happy to find here quite a large group of DF fans. I makes me feel better as my family thinks I am somewhat crazy, reading them all over again.

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