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Mary Easton-White
Jan 1, 2001 at 18:32
Favorite: Breakin
It's very difficult for me to pick a favorite. I like all of them. Dick Francis is my favorite author, I dread the day he choses to quit writing. I was very saddened to hear about the loss of his wife, Mary.

Jan 3, 2001 at 19:18
Favorite: Field Of Thirteen
How can I select a favorite? I am so happy to have found this wonderful author. His books fascinate me. What a storyteller, wonderful writing. I learn something from each book and story. Mickie

Jan 14, 2001 at 17:21
Thanks everyone for all your ideas. Yes, I now have the page up and running. Please let your friends who have been to Belize know about me. Thanks again. Angelina

Jan 18, 2001 at 23:01
Favorite: Decider
I've been hooked on Dick Francis books for years. I look forward to exploring your site.

Jan 20, 2001 at 15:32

Dee Dee Mahar
Jan 25, 2001 at 18:16
Favorite: all
I have been a fan for a few years and have collected most of his books. I eagerly await a new book each year. Dee Dee

Joe Johnson
Jan 26, 2001 at 19:46
Favorite: ALL OF THEM

Joanne Bates
Jan 27, 2001 at 07:43
Favorite: hot money
it is extremely hard pick 1 favourite I have reread all the series several times over the past 10 years, and still enjoy them as much as I did the first time. looking forward to the next book.

Diane Jackson
Jan 27, 2001 at 08:56
none one favorite
How current is your schedule? Would like to join in but appears no activity for over a year?

Jan 27, 2001 at 16:00

Hi, Diane! Our next meeting is Feb. 5, 2001. We will be discussing Forfeit. The schedule on our page (see link above) is current, I should have added the year to the January 1 meeting so it wouldn't be confusing. I'll go fix that right now. We've been active and meeting at least twice a month since we started in January of 1997. You're invited to join us!

Els Weeg-Aerssens, Ph. D.
Jan 28, 2001 at 15:59
Favorite: Proof
I'm reading all of his books, I have about 4 or 5 to go and really regret that he won't be writing any more! Best author I've ever read.

Helen Sands
Feb 8, 2001 at 06:24
Favorite: Decider
I love all DF books but especially Decider. What a great main character - where can I find a hero like that!

Helen Tsygankova
Feb 14, 2001 at 15:01
Favorite: Nerve
I've just found your site! I'm a fan of Dick Francis, especially I like Nerve and Rat Race. I'm glad such information about a great writer exists in the WWW, I'd like to get information about new books and to talk to people interested in the same topic. Thanks for your site!

Feb 21, 2001 at 15:04
Favorite: Longshot
Loved the hero as a writer. And struggling to make it...his interaction with the teen age son, teaching him to make shepherds pie out of frozen beef sandwiches. But what can compare with the hero struggling to find his way out of the dark woods with an arrow in his back??? I want to have that sort of determination.

Feb 22, 2001 at 11:43
Favorite: Whip Hand
Love the site and of course his books!

Jon Alexander
Feb 23, 2001 at 13:29
Favorite: Shattered
I have enjoyed all of his books and I have all if not most of them! Many of them are first editions bought at used book stores! I rank his books with Erle Stanley Gardner and Rex Stout for characters and holding the reader's interests! I hope he continues to write more after the tragic loss of his wife! Dick Francis is one of the all time great mystery writers! Enuff said!I picked Shattered because it is his most recent and I learned a lot about the glass blowing business! His books are entertaining and educational!

Jutta Tschauner
Feb 28, 2001 at 00:38
Favorite: To The Hilt
i thought this to be one of his best. I like especially the background of scotland. But, all the others are just great, too.

Eve Rosencher
Feb 28, 2001 at 06:38
Favorite: Reflex, Proof, Risks
15 years ago, my mother handed me a book by Dick Francis and told me : " you better read this if you want to improve your real english" and sha was right. In fact, in the beginning I've learned whole sentences of some books and used it in my letters or during a conversation. Even now, since we are so much out of practice, we are back at Francis again to brush off our english.

Steffanie Chan
Mar 4, 2001 at 02:56
Favorite: I have to pick a favorite??? Impossible!
I am a horse person myself, and was introduced to Mr. Francis' books by my Aunt, also a horse person. Since then the addiction has grown, however I do not wish to go for therapy ;-) I am very fond of England as well, and thus can live vicariously throught the books. Thank you Mr. Francis!

Dee Dee Mahar
Mar 18, 2001 at 18:17
Favorite: ALL except one
Hi, It is easier to say which one is not a favorite which is Second Wind. I have hardback copies of all his books beginning with Dead Cert and ending with Shattered. I also have several of his book on audio tape and I listen to them over and over again as well as read his novels over and over again. I do have extra copies of several of his books as friends would buy them at flea markets and 2nd hand stores when they found them. If someone is looking for a specific novel let me know and I may be able to help. Dee Dee

Rita Grigsby
Mar 21, 2001 at 21:32
Favorite: 10 Lb. Penalty
I have been a fan of yours for many years. I first started collecting the paperbacks, but have since moved on to the hardbacks, and am now working on the audiobooks. Thank you for many fine hours reading and re-reading your books.

Linda Courtright
Mar 25, 2001 at 19:14
Favorite: Shattered
Mr. Francis brings the horseracing world to vivid life for me. I live in the U.S., but my father was born in Hungerford, and his family was involved in training and breeding there.

Mar 27, 2001 at 19:04
Favorite: straight, the edge and risk
Hi guys thanks for setting up this web page it has been great for info. for an english assignment I have been doing. Although what dick thinks about some books would be useful. ie. Did you in anyway relate to this book?

Mamie Anding
Mar 27, 2001 at 21:48
Favorites: Hot Money and Nerve But, I have a question also... I was in a bookstore tonight and asked when the next one would be out. The lady told me there would be no more and that after his wife died, he had hinted that she was the one writing them all along. This sounds almost like an urban legend to me, so I'd like to know if anyone else has heard this and can shed more light on it.

Mar 29, 2001 at 12:37
Favorite: High Stakes
I love "stings" and the horse switching and cross atlantic travelling is fast paced and exciting. I have read and will read Dick Francis continually. Even if I've read the novel 6 or 7 times ( as I have several of them) I still enjoy the characters, settings, plot and excellant use of the english language.

Apr 2, 2001 at 19:24
My dad loves all the Dick Francis books and we are trying to find out if any have been made into movies. Can you help? Thanks!

Abigail McMahon
Apr 8, 2001 at 15:43

Amy Zearing
Apr 12, 2001 at 15:02
Favorite: Hot Money
He is my favorite writer, he has a great work.

Judy Luman
Apr 13, 2001 at 22:31
Favorite: Which ever one I am currently reading
I think that no store or library should allow a DF book to leave the building late in the day. I can not tell you how many hours of sleep I have given up in the race for the ending. I am sorry to say that I am just as bas when it comes to re-reads as to new novels.

Apr 14, 2001 at 12:33
Favorite: The Danger with 10 lb. Penalty as a close second
I've been reading Dick Francis books for at least 5 years now and at the ripe age of 17 I can honestly say that he's my all-time favorite author. These books have had a huge influence over me and I often find myself wanting to move to England, go to the races, and develop the gift of reading people. The Danger inspired me to go into the FBI and I hope he's inspired everyone else as well. Great site--keep up the good work!

Teresa King
Apr 17, 2001 at 09:02
Favorite: ALL!!!
I have recently been blessed with the experience to attend Keeneland in the past couple of years. After reading Dick Francis books Keeneland seems to come alive and so do the books in my mind. I talk about his books constantly and my friends think I'm nuts, but I love his books. Thank you for your work. Love, Teresa

Apr 17, 2001 at 09:17
Favorite: Bonecrack
I love all of Mr. Francis's books. My mother was a great fan, and her favorite birthday present was an autographed copy of the latest Dick Francis. Mr. Francis came to Nashville for several years, attending the racing here, and often held a book signing. He was always gracious.

Apr 17, 2001 at 11:27
Favorite: All of them!
I found Dick Francis' books about 10 years ago, and read all I could find. I've waited impatiently each year for another. They are so well done.

Apr 24, 2001 at 09:28
Favorite: Longshot, To the hilt, Bloodsport
A great writer, i have his entire collection ,except for LESTER. I am a diehard fan of his and i read one of his books whenever i feel low. Has never failed to lift up my spirits. I LOVE his books

Frank Timmons

Apr 25, 2001 at 09:43
Favorite: The Edge & Straight
I was never much of a reader until my mother-in-law gave me my first Dick Francis book. Now I read them all the time. This website is great. I can keep track of which ones I have read and which will be my next one. Recently got a book on tape of "Straight" read by Simon Prebble. EXCELLENT!!! Now I normally have one to listen to in the car and one at home to read. Sometimes I get a bit depressed by how sad some of the hero's are and have to switch authors for a bit of light humor. In this case I normally real a Lawrence Block book with the hero "Bernie Roadenbar", But I always seem to come back to DF. It is amazing how much less TV I watch now.

Kerstin Henke
Apr 28, 2001 at 08:29
Favorite: Straight
We would like to thank Dick Francis for all his wonderfull books. It was almost impossible to pick a favourite but Straight was especially facinating... We very much hope he will go on writing more books for as long as possible!!! I've reread most books so often that I desperately "need" more! I envie my boy-friend who has just started reading them: he has sooo much to look foreward to! THANK YOU! From both of us!

Apr 29, 2001 at 17:21
Favorite: To the Hilt
I was wondering if anyone has ever read a Francis book with the hero being an inventor of toys. I read this in 1971 in South Africa and can't remember the title.

Carly Jones
Apr 30, 2001 at 05:55
A double blow with Dick finally putting down his pen after losing his beloved wife. Perhaps, if we are all very lucky, he may write a final one in honour of Mary.

May 1, 2001 at 06:34

Hi, Anne! The book you're thinking of is High Stakes.

Jennie Taylor
May 3, 2001 at 18:34
Mr. Francis: I and a lot of my friends here at the Watson Lake Library are great fans of yours. Please know that we all love your books. We can't wait until a new one comes out. There are four of use here who work in the libary so we have a head start on everyone else. Not fair EA? Thanks for all your wonderful books. Jennie, Diane, Ursula, Carol

May 8, 2001 at 06:45
Favorite: Break In
Being very heavily involed with horses, and having a reat love for them, I can relate to many topics discussed in Dick Francis books. Racing is such a tough game, and is often portrayed very well in his books. His approach to writing is fantastic, and I always enjoy a new book!!

Yvonne Ekström
May 14, 2001 at 13:45
Favorite: All I've read!
A skillful writer with profound knowledge of horses. All I could wish for!

Beverly El-Afandi
May 20, 2001 at 20:50
Favorite: I loved them all
I'm sure that I will participate in your discussions.

Peggie "Redhorse" Kimberlin
May 24, 2001 at 10:55
Trial Run
Your web page is great and full of good information. Does your group think the loss of Mr. Francis's wife Mary will affect his future books?

Juanita Glass
May 24, 2001 at 16:20
Favorite: To The Hilt/Decider
It's hard to choose a favorite, because I like almost all of the Francis books, but I especially like To The Hilt and Decider. Mr. Francis' books are too good to put down the first time and too good not to read more than once!!!!! I am especially fond of Recorded Books narrated by Simon Prebble, because he does justice to the characters. With Recorded Books, I can "read" while I am on the road.

Joos van Vugt
May 29, 2001 at 08:40
Favorite: Straight
Lovely to know that you're not the only one hooked on Francis...

peter zimmerman
Jun 1, 2001 at 11:16
For a review of Dick Francis books to be published in a physics magazine I am trying to contact Felix Francis. If anybody has an e-mail for him, please contact me directly. Thanks.

Irene Staker
Jun 3, 2001 at 13:19
Favorite: Flying Finish
I have "read" most of Dick Francis' books by listening to them--books on tape. What I like most is one book never seems like a copy of another--plots are so diverse.

Jun 14, 2001 at 06:06
Favorite: whichever I'm reading at the time
I have about 30.Love them all and can read them over and over again.Have been a fan for about 3 years and have got a few of my friends also interested.Whoever gets the new book first shares it around,but we all have to own our own. A borrowed DF book is just not good enough

Nelson Simmonds
Jun 15, 2001 at 22:05
When will we see your next book Nelson Simmonds Markham Ontario Canada

Maja, Denmark
Jun 18, 2001 at 04:58
Favorite: Rat Race (just got it - difficult to get) - Reflex
I am a great Dick Francis fan from Denmark. Sorry, I don't have the english titles of the books with me here, but now I have collected 23 books of Dick Francis, one better than the other. Especially I love the books with Sid Halley.

Oana Chira
Jun 18, 2001 at 14:52
Favorite: Break in
I like the telepathy thing .I cannot speack english ,just a little, only french. Sorry!

Jun 20, 2001 at 23:02
I have been reading Dick Francis books since 1978. I wait impatiently each year for the next addition!

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